Film: Capernaum


The Source Arts Centre

Capernaum — the word means ‘chaos’ or ‘disorder’ — opens with overhead shots of Beirut buildings and slow-motion images of kids running that suggests we are in poetic mode. But not for long. Bookended by a court case, we follow 12-year-old Zain’s life: his abusive parents haven’t registered him for an ID card and he is unable to prevent his 11-year-old sister being sold to a seedy greengrocer for chickens. Zain goes on the run, a non-person in flight. He is given shelter by an illegal Ethiopian cleaner, Rahil, and Zain becomes babysitter to her one-year old, Yonas. But When Rahil fails to return from work one day, Zain is forced into desperate measures to keep Yonas and himself alive.
2019 saw Thurles band Bright Falls garnering a headline show on the Saturday night of the Féile Beag Festival as well as a slot
The 10 piece outfit delivers incredible performances of all the 1960’s Motown classics we know and love. Headed by three amazing vocalists (The Mama