Film: Capernaum


The Source Arts Centre

Capernaum — the word means ‘chaos’ or ‘disorder’ — opens with overhead shots of Beirut buildings and slow-motion images of kids running that suggests we are in poetic mode. But not for long. Bookended by a court case, we follow 12-year-old Zain’s life: his abusive parents haven’t registered him for an ID card and he is unable to prevent his 11-year-old sister being sold to a seedy greengrocer for chickens. Zain goes on the run, a non-person in flight. He is given shelter by an illegal Ethiopian cleaner, Rahil, and Zain becomes babysitter to her one-year old, Yonas. But When Rahil fails to return from work one day, Zain is forced into desperate measures to keep Yonas and himself alive.
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Jim of the Mills is delighted to welcome Dublin-based band Varo to the hills of Upperchurch as part of their debut album launch tour. Lorcan
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Martin Ward (Edward Rowe) is a fisherman, a gloweringly aggressive man who resents the incomers and holidaymakers who have taken over his village. Fishing is
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Formed in 2019, indie folk/rock hybrid Mill Road have been blazing a quiet trail and ‘Livin’ the Dream’ around Thurles Town these past few months.
Sitting in-between the two worlds of traditional and contemporary, IN LiMBO takes a journey where few have gone within Irish step dancing. Four live musicians