Film: Dirty God


Jade (Vicky Knight), a young English woman, is the victim of the acid attack, committed by her former partner. Discharged from hospital and wearing a mask to cover her scars, she looks to rebuild her life. Jade takes refuge in partying with best friend Shami (Rebecca Stone) but finds it impossible to settle back into her old life. Craving invisibility, she wears a burqa. Craving intimacy, she descends into a self-destructive path. Relationships crumbling around her, Jade must take drastic action to reclaim her life.
2019 saw Thurles band Bright Falls garnering a headline show on the Saturday night of the Féile Beag Festival as well as a slot
The 10 piece outfit delivers incredible performances of all the 1960’s Motown classics we know and love. Headed by three amazing vocalists (The Mama