Film: The Souvenir


Julie, a 24-year-old film student living in the posh London neighbourhood of Knightsbridge isn’t the easiest protagonist to identify with, but thanks to Honor Swinton Byrne’s winning performance, she’s easy to care about. And to fear for. The product of a sheltered upper-class childhood, Julie is so naïve that when she spots track marks on the arm of her new live-in boyfriend, Anthony (Tom Burke), she immediately buys his assurance that it’s nothing to worry about. Like a deer in headlights, she is unable to process that he—an employee of the Foreign Office and the very model of upper-class composure—is a secret heroin addict. In her fourth feature film, director Joanna Hogg reaches deep into events from her own life story to create a remote, impressionistic tale of a young woman becoming trapped in a situation dangerously outside her life experience.

Winner-Grand Jury Prize, World Cinema, Sundance film Festival 2019.
2019 saw Thurles band Bright Falls garnering a headline show on the Saturday night of the Féile Beag Festival as well as a slot
The 10 piece outfit delivers incredible performances of all the 1960’s Motown classics we know and love. Headed by three amazing vocalists (The Mama