Tipperary Studies

Tipperary Studies is dedicated to documenting and preserving the County’s rich cultural, social, economic and sporting histories, and aims to offer open, friendly and easy access to the Library’s collections to visitors both in person and through correspondence. The Library will collect, maintain and preserve documents of local interest under secure conditions and make them available, in a number of different ways, to members of the public who have an interest in exploring Co. Tipperary’s past. Tipperary Studies also aims to promote its collections and activities amongst the general public, and this is achieved through co-operation with other libraries, schools, historical societies, government departments, third level institutions and local historians. The Library’s staff is dedicated to assisting researchers with their queries and presenting the user with information from the Library’s genealogical, cultural and sporting collections, in a wide range of formats. Tipperary Studies’ collections are ever expanding, and the Library would greatly welcome contributions of Co. Tipperary related sources to ensure that the history of every facet of Tipperary life, both ancient and modern, can be held in trust for future generations.

Find out more on: https://tipperarystudies.ie/

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