Cantwell Electrical Engineering Ltd.

Leaders in Water and Wastewater Pumping and Treatment Solutions – Cantwell are a market leader with over 40 years experience, knowledge and expertise in Water and Wastewater Pumping and Treatment Systems.

Our services vary extensively, offering top quality pumping and treatment management solutions to a broad range of sectors, from our valued local domestic and agricultural customer, to our larger municipal contracts and European industrial and commercial clients.

Our Team of qualified engineers and staff are highly skilled and experienced in all areas of our business. We specialise with the knowledge and hands-on experience we have gained within the industry.

We provide a full service package, customised to the specific needs of our clients.
Our water and wastewater solutions are delivered expertly and with our commitment to first class completion. That is why Cantwell have gained the recognition as leaders in our field.

With large, expediated gains achieved in processes and innovation within our industry, we are committed to maintaining and providing our expert leadership for the benefit of our customers, community and the environment.

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