Eileen Hassett Jewellery

Jewellery that speaks.

My jewellery has a story to tell.  My inspiration for my  collections comes from a great love of Irish history, poetry, storytelling, folklore and nature. As a result, I have designed and crafted several unique and charming collections.

I have many inspirations behind my collections but one of my most personal collections is entitled “Donie and The Dancing Master”. My earliest memories are of my time with my father in his workshop. I always knew I had inherited his talent for design and craft.  This collection is influenced by my father and a letter he had written in 1937 when he was in primary school. I came across this letter a few years ago when researching my family tree. The letter describes the process of making a puppet like figure using wood, that of which I  recreated using silver and gold with gemstones.

One of the most refreshing and vibrant collections is called “Daisy Field”. This collection reminds me of my childhood, running through fields and making daisy chains on summer days.

My jigs and reels collection are an expression and celebration of traditional Irish music. I  believe that music is one of the greatest gifts of all as it brings people of all types together in harmony. My personal views along with my heritage can also influence my designs. An example of this is my collection titled “Square peg in a round hole”. This comes from the traditional saying of “You can’t fit a peg into a round hole”. Perhaps everyone can relate to this feeling of not fitting in at some point in their lives.

I am  from Loughmore, Templemore, County Tipperary. I have always been a maker and in recent years, I  began a new chapter in my life, exploring the arts and discovering my true passion.

I have studied at Grennan Mill Craft School in Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny where I discovered Metalcraft. Through Metalcraft, I feel I can  express my  true creative self and give structure to my bespoke designs and bring them to life.

I continued my studies at The School of Jewellery, Dublin. This is where I began to craft my  own personal jewellery range.

Each piece is individually handcrafted with care. My  collections are not only rich in beauty but also in history.

I am an affiliated member of The Design and Craft Council of Ireland.

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