Down Syndrome Tipperary Branch

Down Syndrome Tipperary was founded by parents of children & adults with Down Syndrome over 40 years ago, because parents recognised that the support their children and they needed was seriously lacking. Today, unfortunately that is still the case. Down Syndrome Tipperary is run by parents on a voluntary basis, relying heavily on funds raised by the community and grants to provide vital therapies as we do not receive any direct government funding.Research continues to report that when given the right supports, people with Down Syndrome thrive, for example Speech and Language therapy not only works on speech but feeding and other areas of communication such as Lamh sign language. Occupational therapy works on dressing, cookin &, self care, which in turn promotes Independence and positive mental health. People with Down Syndrome need support and therapy all through their lives so they can Believe, Achieve & Thrive.

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