mid tipp hillwalkers

mid tipp hill walkers groupmid tipp hillwalkers has been in existence since founded by john g o’dwyer back in 1991. over these years, hill walking has fast become one of the most popular pastimes in ireland. the best, safest and most enjoyable way to enjoy the mountains of ireland is to join a hill walking club. by joining our club, you can benefit from the guidance of experienced hill walkers and, at the same time, meet and make friends with like-minded people. hill walking offers breathtaking views of valleys, snow-capped peaks, and corrie lakes. the tranquility that you will find in the ruggedly beautiful irish mountain ranges is second to none. you cannot help but be relaxed in and inspired by the exhilarating fresh air and the peaceful surroundings, away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. from an exercise point of view, hill walking is a great way of getting fit and offers a good general workout. it can be a very strenuous activity, so it is very important to start off slowly and build your fitness up gradually. all beginners are welcome and we offer guided walks suitable for all fitness levels; from low-level rambles to challenging high-level mountain routes and rock climbs. our group organises several away events each year including two annual charity challenges to the best of ireland’s mountain ranges. there are also regular winter climbing trips to scotland, a june meet to the uk a visit to the high mountains of europe later in the summer.

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