Our website needs you!

Since it’s launch in 2019, this website has been a wonderful source of information for anyone wanting to know more about our town. We are reaching out again to the people of Thurles for their input on this site. What would you like to see featured here? Get in touch with your suggestions. We want […]

Thurles Community Estates and Streetscape Competition 2019

Our judge will be visiting the estates and streets that entered our competition in the coming weeks. Results should be available on September 1st. We offer a prize of €200.00 for the winners and will be allocating 4 prizes. Best Large Estate(70 plus houses), Best Medium Estate(30 – 69 houses) and Small Estates (less than […]

Thurles Lions Trust Housing Association

What is it? Thurles Lions Trust Housing Association Limited is a special purpose Company formed by Thurles Lions Club to develop and operate a social housing trust for the Thurles area. It is a Registered Charity, approved by the Revenue Commissioners. Lions Clubs International of which Thurles Lions Club forms a small part, are a service […]

order of malta ambulance corps

Order of Malta Ireland Ambulance Corps Thurles was established in 1948, shortly followed by its Cadet Unit, and has grown to become one of the largest and most active units in the country. We provide excellence in first aid training, event cover, transport, venue hire, and community care services to the greater Thurles and Templemore […]

Sue Ryder Shop

– Bric-a-brac, books, nearly new clothing, etc. Care is taken over the pricing of goods and expert opinion is sought for the pricing of valuable items.

Barnardos Family Support & Daycare Service

Family Support seeks to enhance family well-being and strengthen parenting capacity to reduce problems later in a child’s life. Barnardos responds to the individual child and family by assessing their needs and carefully tailoring a package of services to respond to those needs. Family Support is about providing help to children and families who are […]

Remar Recovery Home Charity Shop

we are a Christian recovery home trying to help people in need including the homeless, people who suffer from addiction, and other social complex illnesses. we offer help, advice, counselling and accommodation free of charge for everyone. to support our charity work we sell new and pre-loved furniture from our shop on Mitchel Street.

Life Pregnancy Care Ireland

caring for our pregnant community members and protecting future generations of Thurles town from the very beginning.