Presentation Secondary School

Presentation Secondary School Thurles is a Voluntary Catholic Secondary School for girls, operating under the Trusteeship of CEIST. As such it supports the Religious and Educational Philosophy of its Foundress, Nano Nagle.

Since 1817 the Presentation Sisters have been involved in education in Thurles, where they have dedicated themselves to serving the community by providing Primary and Secondary Education in the town.

The School is managed by a Board of Management, is funded by the Department of Education and Science and operates withihn the regulations and guidelines set down from time to time by that Department. The school has an active Parents Association and a strong Students Council.

Presentation Secondary School aims, with the resources available to it, to provide the best possible environment in order to cater for the cultural, educational, moral, physical, religious, social, linguistic and spiritual values and traditions of all students. We show special concern for the disadvantaged and we make every effort to ensure that the uniqueness and dignity of each person is respected and responded to, especially through the pastoral care system in the school. We realise too, that we must cater for the changing needs of todays world and towards that end, we frequently review our various programmes. Being keenly aware of the ever-increasing effect of outside influences on the lives of our students, we are even more concerned to maintain Christian values and practices.

Working together as a school community, the Board of Management, parents, staff and students, aim to provide and environment which will allow each student to develop intellectually, physically, morally, socially and spiritually so as they will be able to fulfil their role in society.

Principal: Marie Collins
Deputy Principal: Trish O’Callaghan

Contact number: 0504 22291
Sports Complex: 086 3292085

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Our Boarding School

Presentation Boarding School, Thurles, is a five-day week boarding school for girls who attend Presentation Secondary School, Thurles. The boarding school is under the trusteeship of the Presentation Provincial Leadership Team and administered by a management committee set up by the Trustees.

Our Boarding School continues a long and proud tradition. It was set up in 1914 as a ‘Preparatory Training College’ for girls hoping to qualify as teachers.

The ethos of Presentation Boarding School is one of care and respect for each individual boarder entrusted to its care. It endeavours to create an environment where the girls feel safe, relaxed and happy, and where they can benefit to the full from their secondary education. As well as good study opportunities, they are also given valuable training and encouragement to develop important life skills: such as the ability to live together in harmony; to be accepting and caring to one another; to learn the Christian values of kindness, forgiveness and generosity; and to deepen their faith life.

Boarding School Manager: Aisling Kiely

Boarding School Assistant Manager: Bernie Hughes

For more information please contact:


Contact number: 0504 21131/ 085 8062947

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